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September 2014 monthly meeting in Waterbury the local held its nominations for officers and e-board members.
The current officers and e-board members ran unopposed.

NRG and Yankee Gas members have started negotiating.

Local 420 led by Business Manager's John K Unikas and Frank E Cirillo, along with help of the membership has raised $127,000 over the last 10 years for the IBEW COPE Fund.

  Current Events  
  Monthly Meetings   at 5:30 pm  
  American Italian Club 476 Boyden Ct. Waterbury, CT  
October 24th 2014
November 21st 2014
December 19th 2014
  Grievance Log 2014 -420- CL&P    
  2014 CL&P GRIEVANCE LOG NU14-01 Meter Service Depts. All Areas Violation of Inclement Weather 1-6-14 1-9-14 Clause in Contracts
NU14-02 Carlo Martini Stamford Unwarranted Suspension 12-2-13 1-10-14 NU14-02(a) Carlo Martini Stamford Harassment By Supervision 1-10-14
NU14-03 Meter Service Depts. Blue/Green Bks. Non-Contractual Customer Care 1-24-14 Group in the Mtr. Svc. Dents.
NU14-04 Local 420 Green Book Mtr. Svc. Supv. Misleading 1-24-14 Labor Union in Mtg. @ Berlin
NU14-05 Meter Service Dept. Simsbury Rest Time Worked Owed by Co. 12-9-13 2-11-14
NU14-06 Stockhandler Greenwich Supervisor Doing Union Work 2-11-14 2-12-14
NU14-07 Stockhandler Norwalk Use of Outside Contractor for 2-11-14 2-12-14 Union Work
NU14-08 Walter Roszkowski Greenwich Termination of Employment 2-14-14
NU14-09 William Stolba, II Simsbury Bypass ofO.T. on 1/15/14 1-15-14 2-28-14
NU14-10 Stephen Hoppi Simsbury Being Pressured by Supervisor 2-12-14 2-28-14
NU14-11 Vernon Golden Simsbury Hostile Work 2-24-14 2-28-14 Environment/Safety Issue
NU14-12 Underground Stamford Non-IBEW Contractors Doing 3-3-14 Live-Line Work
NU14-13 John Santos Waterbury Bypass of O.T. on 11/25/13 11-27-13 3-3-14
NU14-14 Green Book All Areas Use of Non-IBEW Contractors 3-4-14
NU14-15 Paul Hanley Field Tech Sexual HarassmentlHarassment 3-6-14 by Supervisor Doug Krall
NU14-16 Local 420 - IBEW All Areas UnfairlDiscriminatory Practices 3-13-14 Regarding Staffing
NU14-17 Linemen Greenwich Green Bk. Being Called to Help 2-27-14 3-24-14 in Blue Book Area Instead
NU14-18 Blue & Green Books All Areas/Joint with Utilization of Contractors To Do 4-21-14 Local 457 Trouble Work
NU14-19 Blue & Green Books All Areas Not Being Utilized for Storm 5-14-14 Duty on May to" thru May 11 th
NU14-20 Blue Book All Areas Co. Redistricting Without 5-14-14 Notifying the Union
NU14-21 Line Departments NewtownlNew Co. Not Backfilling People That 5-9-14 5-15-14 Milford Took Severance Pay
NU14-22 All Employees NewtownlNew Co. Created Hostile Work 5-9-14 5-15-14 Milford Environment w/ Contractors
NU14-23 10 Employees Simsbury Unwarranted Suspension 6-6-14 6-11-14
NU14-24 Jerry Palomo Norwalk Unwarranted Written Warning 5-16-14 6-16-14
NU14-25 Blue & Green Books Joint w/ 457 Contractors Creating Hostile 6-20-14 Work Environment for CL&P Employees
NU14-26 Project Test Specialist Western Test Forcing Employees to Take 6-4-14 6-23-14 Supervisor Upgrade
NU14-27 David Sverni Simsbury Unwarranted Five-Day 6-26-14 Suspension on 6-25-14
NU14-28 Top Linemen Simsbury Failure to Upgrade 4-29-14 7-2-14
NU14-29 Michael Bertucio Simsbury Bypassed for Upgrade 5/5/14, 5-6-14 & 7-2-14 5/19/14 and 5120114 5-20-14
NU14-30 Line Department Simsbury Supv. Doing B.U. Work 5-6-14 7-2-14
NU14-31 Jeffrey Cleaves Simsbury Hostile Work Environment 5-12-14 7-2-14 NU14-32 Line Department Simsbury Contractor Pulling Poles 5-20-14 7-2-14
NU14-33 Area Work Center Simsbury Safety of Employees Jeopardized 6-6-14 7-2-14
NU14-34 Nancy Marcy Clerical Taking Away Rest Time Codes 12-20-13 7-3-14
NU14-35 Admin. Support Simsbury Supervisor Doing B.D. Work 6-27-14 7-3-14
NU14-36 Techs Newtown Inadequate Staffing 6-27-14 7-3-14
NU14-37 New Service Group Simsbury Supervisor Doing B.U. Work 6-27-14 7-3-14
NU14-38 New Service Group Simsbury "- B.D. Work Assigned to Non- 6-27-14 7-3-14 Union Employee
NU14-39 Clerical All Bargaining Unit Being Forced to Perform 6-27-14 7-3-14 Locations Supervisory Functions
NU14-40 Clerical All Represented Adding ESO Operations Support 7-14-14 Admin. Support In All Locations w/o Negotiating
NU14-41 Technical - New All Area Work Inadequate Staffing & added 7-14-14 Service Support Group Centers stress of ESO Trouble Tickets Without Proper Field Input
NU14-42 Blue & Green Books All Area Work Company Changing Schedules 7-15-14 Centers For No Reason
NU14-43 Blue & Green Books All Area Work Co. Introducing ARCOS 7-28-14 Centers Without Negotiating
NU14-44 Clerical Co. Forcing Admin. Group to 7-28-14 Job Site Report Out of Area for the ESO Group
NU14-45 Bernhard Hansen Norwalk Termination of Employment 8-1-14
NU14-46 Christopher Macisco Norwalk Termination of Employment I 8-1-14
NU14-47 John Vail Torrington Green Unwarranted 5-Day Suspension \6-9-14 8-5-14
NU14-48 M. Bartkus, B. Petrosky, M. Waterbury Bypass of O.T. on 7/8114 7-14-14 8-14-14 Santamaria, M. Farrow
NU14-49 N. D' Ambrosi, S. Kelsey, S. Waterbury Bypass of O.T. on 7115114 7-28-14 8-14-14 Dodge, R. Sprouse
NU14-50 Blue &Green Books All Areas Co. Forcing Union Officials to 8-15-14 Attend Non-Contractual Mtgs.
NU14-51 Robideau, Golden, Simsbury Bypassed for Upgrade to 7-18-14 8-28-14 Bavier, Daley, Winiarski Top Lineman
NU14-52 Simsbury District Simsbury Use of White Board for Planned 8-15-14 8-28-14 O.T. Instead of Running List
NU14-53 Techs All Areas Co. Hiring Contractors To 8-29-14 Perform Bargaining Unit Work
NU14-54 Techs All Areas Eliminating Shared Lease 8-29-14 Without Bargaining
NU14-55 Storeroom Newtown Failure to Fill Position After 7-18-14 9-3-14 Death of Employee
NU14-56 Storeroom Newtown Failure to Backfill When 8-20-14 9-3-14 Employee Out 5 Weeks
NU14-57 Blue & Green Books All Areas Other Classifications Working in 9-4-14 Meter Service Departments
NU14-58 Electrical Maintenance Stamford Witnessed T-Shooters Doing 9-4-14 Security Check-Not Line Work
NU14-59 Electrical Maintenance Stamford Sent to Work With Clearance 9-4-14 From Non-Union Contractor
NU14-60 Blue & Green Books All Areas Co. Forcing People to Come to 9-8-14 Work On The Weekend
NU14-61 Stamford A WC Stamford Non-Union (KTI) Setting Poles 9-8-14
NU14-62 Meter Service Depts. Joint with LU457 AMR Van Drivers Getting Meter 9-17-14 Service Work
NU14-63 Afentoulides, Socci, Norwalk Unwarranted Suspension 9-18-14 10-14-14 Haddad & Stanislavskyy
NU14-64 Line Department Norwalk Not Being Called In for Storm 9-18-14 10-14-14 Work on 9/8/14
NU14-65 Greenwich AWe Greenwich Co. Adding Greenwich to the 10-15-14 Stamford Area Work Center
NU14-66 Meter Service Dept. Waterbury Working a 40-hour (10 hr. /day) 10-23-14 Schedule During the Summer
  The above list is a snapshot of the grievance list filed in 2014. If you don't see your grievance it may have been settled or filed in a previous year  
  Turmoil 6/6/2014   
  About a year ago I wrote a piece called “What it takes to run this local”. I think it made some members mad, but it was the truth. Yesterday, on a vacation day, I got a text asking me to update the webpage with more current letters and info. So I thought why not a follow up from last year’s letter with a piece of what the leadership is going through today. Forgive me if you heard some of this already but I have to be as accurate with the info which means going through the history.

”Turmoil, What we are going through today”

In Oct 2012 both green and the blue book members shot down the contracts with a 98% “reject” vote. The exit polls all said the members rejected it mostly because of the “trouble shooter plan” put forward by the company and then second because of the “meet and negotiate” job duties. Hurricane Sandy hit and the membership took the high road and instead of going out on strike worked to get the power restored. In early 2013 the contracts were then accepted when the company negotiated trouble shooters and trouble work with each Area Work Center ABA's and did away with their “trouble shooter plan”. The test/techs and clerical were just starting the Negotiations process in early May 2013 when the companies new officers started to demand meetings about the “trouble shooter plan”. Along with the current negotiations, helping other groups wanting to organize because of other company poor decisions, grievances, arbitrations, International commitments, and the other commitments to other members in other companies and the communities we serve, now the new bosses wanted to meet on something that you turned down.

Reluctantly, the leadership met with these people. We never want to not meet if there may be something in it good for the members. There was no demand for mid-term bargaining just demands to meet. The meetings turned to threats of breaking the contracts and using local 42 to willfully violate them. We had a two week period when almost every ABA and some chosen stewards went to convex to discuss combining the contracts. These discussions all turned back to their “troubleshooter plan”, the plan the membership rejected. We gave proposals to the company and they didn’t want to talk about them, it was “do it our way or we’ll use Local 42”. What’s next, meal time, rest time, time and half, double time, or the sick policy, if we fight to keep those is will it more threats of bringing in more local 42. How long until they start attacking local 42.

Now, why am I writing the history for all of us that lived this. Several reasons, not all members keep themselves informed and some actually believe some of the propaganda that comes from the company. I am writing this mostly because of the burdens this puts on the leadership in both locals. In the 10 plus years John Unikas and Frank Cirillo have been office they have never had to deal with such an open attack on the IBEW, these locals, and its members. In fact, no Business Manager in the history of420 has had to deal with the likes of people we are dealing with today. John said to me yesterday he doesn’t know how Frank is doing it, the job is stressful enough but adding on this extra turmoil may have done in a lesser man. We have had 3 known deserters in local 420 that couldn’t handle it for 1 week and ran away only to talk garbage about Frank, garbage which we all know were lies. These guys never had a paycheck without overtime. Deserters were court martialed when I was in the ARMY. Company supervisors and ex-employees are making personal attacks on Frank not knowing the truth themselves and that real soon the locals will have their day in court. Members are asking for rules, rules that don’t exist. They’re asking what to do, again, things that we legally can’t answer. Any direction the local leadership gives can be considered a job action by the company. I will tell you to do the right thing, no one has to give me man lessons. I know what’s right and I know what to do. We have had members asking Frank to put something in the papers, when he does the company turns around and says he is misleading the public and distorting the truth. How many of us have called the newspapers or wrote them to say it isn’t him distorting the truth and the only misleading was done by the company, to its employees, the politicians, and the public. We have had members just not sticking together and others that are fighting with each other right in front of the company. Turmoil, in my opinion, which was all created by the company and its officers. Turmoil, in my opinion, created to turn us against each other and eventually blame the IBEW instead of those that created it. Frank has had the bravery and the intestinal fortitude to stand up and continue the fight, filing the charges, grievances, and calling the newspapers. Making the meetings in Norwalk, Simsbury, Bridgewater, Torrington, and Waterbury is the easy part when comparing it with completing and signing sworn statements or talking with the press. All while still doing what it takes to run this local. The company watches and monitors everything that he does and he still does it standing right up against these millionaires and their lawyers. Does he want our gratitude, probably not, but would it hurt to give it to him. Why is he doing it? He’s doing it all for something he cares dearly about, the IBEW, this local and its members.

Now,on the anniversary of what was one of the bloodiest battles in American History, can we please get behind and back Frank and get into the fight, or if not, at the minimum don’t side with the company or against the locals.

Joseph A Malcarne ABA
Recording Secretary
IBEW 420 Veterans Committee Chairman
  Need Some volunteers 11/4/2014  at after work  
  To all sisters and brothers,

We need a few 420 members to volunteer and team up to attend some polling places in the Waterbury Area on Tuesday. If you are available please contact Frank Cirillo, Joe Malcarne or the office.
In Solidarity,
Joe Malcarne
Recording Secretary IBEW LU 420
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"I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made."
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Keeping up the fight!! Business Manager Frank Cirillo with opening statements at the PURA hearings against the Closing of Area Work Centers across CT. Also speaking (not pictured)from the IBEW Local 420 is Assistant Business Manager John k Unikas and retired Brother / ABA Doug Wright
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Another Great Outing put together by Brother Al McConnell, Brother Mario Bacchiocchi, and Brother Grainger.

All proceeds went to the Ct Children's Medical Center Only union members (non management) are allowed to play in the tournament. This year we raised $20,000. In picture are the brothers mentioned above plus Brothers Joe Malcarne, John Unikas, Frank Cirillo from local420 Larry Polaski...

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  Frank E. Cirillo - Business Manager & Financial Secretary

Mr. Cirillo presently sits on the board of directors for the Connecticut AFL-CIO and is on the AFL-CIO health and safety committee and is a delegate for the Western Connecticut Central Labor Council. Mr. Cirillo is also on the board of directors of the Greater Waterbury United Way. Mr. Cirillo became the chairman of Local 420's COPE fund in 2004, as of Oct 2010, with the help of his brothers a...

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  John K. Unikas - Assistant Business Manager

John spent 15 years as a Transmission Lineman with General Operations, 18 years as a Distribution Lineman for CL&P in Norwalk, Wilton, Bethel, and New Milford and 8 years as Business Manager and Vice President of Local 420 from 1999 to 2004. In 2004 John was elected Business Manager and held that position until he resigned on April 29th 2011. John is currenty our Assistant Business Manager in W...

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  Ed Collins - IBEW International Representative

IBEW 2nd District International Representative for New England States

While an employee of Western Massachusetts Electrical Company, Ed was initiated into IBEW Local 455 in Springfield, MA in January 1967 after having served in The US Navy as a Machinist Mate aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS America (CVA 66).

In 1969 he was elected Recording Secretary of the local. In the 1971 local ...

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