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September 2014 monthly meeting in Waterbury the local held its nominations for officers and e-board members.
The current officers and e-board members ran unopposed.

Local 420 led by Business Manager Frank E Cirillo, along with help of the membership has raised $148,000 over the last 12 years for the IBEW COPE Fund.

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  American Italian Club 476 Boyden Ct. Waterbury, CT  
  April 22nd 2016
May 13th 2016
June 24th 2016
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October 28th 2016
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  Frank Cirillo 4/18/2016   
  Words cannot express the feelings that have affected me these last few days. I woke up Saturday morning and received a call I did not want or expect to get. Over the last few days I am sure we have all had a race of emotions. The grief that struck my heart was one of the hardest hits I have ever taken, and I have taken some hits. Five memories are scarred in my mind and Saturday is one of the worst ones. No one was a better friend to me than Frank Cirillo. We were more than friends, we were family. We cried and laughed together, we went on trips together, we went to each other’s family events, Halloween parties, Memorial day at his house, Fourth of July at the club. He was truly, to quote him “my brother from another mother”.

All of us knew Frank the fighter, but he was more than just that. If you want to talk about Frank, then talk about the good qualities of him that everyone doesn’t know about. There was Frank the Husband. He loved Milena more than anyone would ever know. Frank the Father. The countless times he told me he was so proud of Sylvia and Juliana. Sylvia graduated college and became a teacher and is getting married in a year. Even though his “swimming pool partner” Juliana, moved to Queens and he was sad to see her leave home, it gave him the opportunity to go out to New York and visit her and stay in Manhattan, going to places like Sparks steakhouse, 911 memorial and other places in the city. Juliana graduated from college and she is a designer for Joseph Abboud. There was Frank the brother to Cris who could tell us stories when he was a little terror in the neighborhood, streaking etc....and she always got blamed. There was Frank the son, who was always there for his mother, Michelena, and dropped everything if she needed anything.

Let’s talk about his Navy times some of the proudest times in his life. He spent those days with his lifelong friend and our Union brother, Hiram “Chico” Diaz. Let’s talk about the passion that Frank had in everything he ever did, from running every morning around 3:00 am., the Alderman meetings, negotiations, and him going to Norwalk every month for a Union meeting, sometimes with only ten people in attendance. We all should remember, cherish, and memorialize this one of a kind man. He was our strength when we were defeated, our reasoning when everything was questioned, our voice when others couldn’t speak, our laughter when we wanted to cry and our passion when everything seemed doomed.

We are all better today having known him. He pushed each one of us to be the best we could be. He would critique me every day and I knew he was just trying to make me better. He was organized like no one else and challenged all of us to stick together and be a union. He was truly a leader of men. As long as there is blood in my veins, I will not allow my friend, Frank to die. His name will never be forgotten and I believe you’re only truly dead when you are forgotten. This will not happen. He is in me forever, and he is in all of my sisters and brothers in local 420 and other unions he has helped.

Yes we have been hit and hit hard, but I hear Frank yelling “don't stay down get back up and fight harder.” One day we all will be dead but I have a feeling someone is already up there bargaining for an easy journey for us and waiting for us to join him at the bar. I Love You Frank. Rest in Peace “My Brother from another Mother”

Joe Malcarne
  10th Annual Veterans Clean Up 5/14/2016  at 9AM  
  Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Its the time of year again when local 420 help out the Waterbury Veterans Committee cleaning up the Veterans park and Forthill Cemetery. We are looking for volunteers to bring rakes, blowers and any useful power equipment. Everyone claims to love the vets and want to help out but for the last 9 years its been the same members doing the work. The 420 Veterans committee will bring refreshments. Hopefully we'll see more members helping this year.


Joe Malcarne

Chairman IBEW LU420 Veterans Committee
  Meeting at Fort Hill Cemetery Waterbury CT 9am

Being the 10th anniversary of us doing this and after the events of the last days. I am proposing we dedicate this yearly event to our Brother Frank Cirillo and start calling it the Annual Frank Cirillo Veterans Park and Cemetery Clean Up.
  The Annual 420 Clambake 9/24/2016  at 11:00am - 6:00pm  
  Held at the club on September 24th 2016.
$25.00 for members
$35.00 for non members
11am until 6pm

Clams, steaks, sausage, roast beef, sausage and peppers, burgers dogs, plus buffet.

American Italian Club
476 Boyden St
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"I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made."
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Keeping up the fight!! Business Manager Frank Cirillo with opening statements at the PURA hearings against the Closing of Area Work Centers across CT. Also speaking (not pictured)from the IBEW Local 420 is Assistant Business Manager John k Unikas and retired Brother / ABA Doug Wright
  420 / 457 Golf Tournament - Proceeds going to CCMC

Another Great Outing put together by Brother Al McConnell, Brother Mario Bacchiocchi, and Brother Grainger.

All proceeds went to the Ct Children's Medical Center Only union members (non management) are allowed to play in the tournament. This year we raised $20,000. In picture are the brothers mentioned above plus Brothers Joe Malcarne, John Unikas, Frank Cirillo from local420 Larry Polaski...

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Here are two pictures from the 2014 clambake various members Nancy and Elizabeth...

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  Victor N. Perugini - Recording Secretary

Victor has been elected to be the New Recording Secretary. ...

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  Frank E. Cirillo - Business Manager & Financial Secretary

Mr. Cirillo presently sits on the board of directors for the Connecticut AFL-CIO and is on the AFL-CIO health and safety committee and is a delegate for the Western Connecticut Central Labor Council. Mr. Cirillo is also on the board of directors of the Greater Waterbury United Way. Mr. Cirillo became the chairman of Local 420's COPE fund in 2004, as of Oct 2010, with the help of his brothers a...

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  Ed Collins - IBEW International Representative

IBEW 2nd District International Representative for New England States

While an employee of Western Massachusetts Electrical Company, Ed was initiated into IBEW Local 455 in Springfield, MA in January 1967 after having served in The US Navy as a Machinist Mate aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS America (CVA 66).

In 1969 he was elected Recording Secretary of the local. In the 1971 local ...

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