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  Norwalk / Stamford Unit meetings are held on the following dates at 5PM at the Norwalk American Legion at 60 County St.


  • ABA's If you are holding a Unit Meeting Contact Joe Malcarne to get your dates and times on the webpage.
      What is Just Cause?   
      The basic underlying principle in disciplinary cases is that the employer must have "just cause" for imposing the disciplinary action to union members. A common test for determining whether "just cause" existed was developed by Arbitrator Daugherty in the celebrated Enterprise Wire case (46 LA 359, 1966 and 50 LA 83). The guideline appears in condensed form below.

    A flat "no" answer to one or more questions indicates that the employer's action was arbitrary, capricious and/or discriminatory in one or more respects, thereby signifying an abuse of managerial discretion and allowing the arbitrator to substitute his judgement for that of the employer.


      (Q) Where Do I find out if I am covered by just cause?

    (A)In the blue book and in the yankee gas contract (white book)it appears in two loctions under Article 2. The Functions of Management and in Article 5 seniority, In the green book it is under Article 1A, General, in article 6, promotions transfers, reductions, and layoffs, and in Article VII Discipline or discharge, In the Technical / Test Contract and in the Admin Support contract it is under artcle 6, seniority.
      The evil entity in America   
      I may be preaching to the choir with this message but have to relay a not so funny conversation I overheard from 2 asset management employees. One of them was complaining about what the union’s pay scales are and then talking about the stories and the lies about the union contract that were in the newspapers back in June. One of them said “the union employees are just mad that the company took away the double time. “ With the other one countering “don’t they understand the more money the company makes the more all of us will make.”

    These employees are both college educated and have just a few years in the company. So what’s your point you ask? I feel this is the way allot of young middle class Americans are thinking. They were raised with Regan being their first symbol of a President and remember his “trickle down promises”. They hear the talk radios and Fox News telling them Unions are the evil entity that is bringing down America and leading us to Socialism. I went over to these two and asked them “do you really believe this company will give you a raise based on their profits?” Their answer was “Yes” and that they are under the belief that when the merger with N-Star is finished the company is going to hand out nice bonuses and give them raises to match what their counterparts are making in Boston. I started to argue the facts on who is making out with the money from the merger but after just walked away in disbelief.

    The facts tell a different story. This company has made billions of dollars in the last few years and nothing has trickled down to the employees union or nonunion. The only people walking away with bonuses and extra money are stated in the proxy reports. If your name isn’t in there, guess what you are not walking away from this merger with a bonus or raise no different from last year. I would like to blame it all on Chuck and his discontent for the working family but in this society we can’t. More facts show us the Greed of corporate America isn’t just in NU, but in fact around the country. In 1978 the CEO’s made 35 dollars for every one dollar that the average employee made. This number surged to 71 dollars by 1989. It hovered there for a few years of the Clinton Presidency but after a few years of Bush in 2005 it was at an unconceivable amount of 262 times that of an average worker, that is right its 262 dollars for every one dollar you make. Another way to view this is in 2005, a CEO earned more in one workday (there are 260 in a year) than an average worker earned in 52 weeks. Do you still believe Fox News that the unions are the evil in America today. If not why don’t you sign a cope card to help educate America for One dollar a week.

    Joe Malcarne
      Point of Interest   
      It is the opinion of most of the employees of the Companies we represent that the Company's actions only go to prove that they could care less about our family lives, our wives and our children.

    As CL&P was forcing people on call over the holiday seasons, it would be interesting for you to know that when the leadership tried to contact the senior officers of the Company, (Lee Olivier, James Muntz, William Quinlan, & Robert Hybsch) that were all on vacation, they scrutinize us for wanting a break for our family life but take breaks themselves. Believe it or not, one of the hang-ups at Yankee Gas negotiations is a coffee break!

    John K. Unikas
    Assistant Business Manager
      50/50 Raffle Next Meeting   
      11/20/2015 5:30pm  
      This month (November) Local 420 will be conducting their 50/50 raffle with proceeds going to the CT Food Bank. Please see your ABA's for tickets and Good Luck.

    Joe Malcarne
      3/28/2016 5PM TO 9PM  

    Books for sale 2014 NEC - please contact 488 for pricing Contact Tom Sportini at 203.452.7679.
      Contact Patsy Sorrentino or Tom Sportini for registration forms.
    Class will be held at the Waterbury Area Work Center on Freight St. Waterbury
    Costs $60.00
    Make checks out to IBEW Local 488 JATC.
    Mail Payment and registration to IBEW Local 488 JATC, 721 Main St., Monroe, CT 06468
      Advanced Steward Training Class plus discussion on Janus   
      4/14/2018 1030am  
      Advanced Steward training class plus a talk about the Janus Supreme Court Case will be held on April 14th at the VFW post 201 on Baldwin St.  
      Tell your ABA or Please call office if planning to attend. Coffee and will be supplied.  
      The Annual 420 Clambake   
      9/29/2018 11:30am - 5:00pm  
      Held at the Grand Oak Villa on September 23rd 2017.
    OPEN / Cash BAR
    $25.00 for members
    $35.00 for non members
    1130am until 5pm

    Clams, steaks, sausage, sausage and peppers, burgers dogs, plus buffet.

    Grand Oak Villa
    550 Sylvan Lake Rd
      News & Events
      Grievance Log 2014 -420- CL&P   
      2014 CL&P GRIEVANCE LOG NU14-01 Meter Service Depts. All Areas Violation of Inclement Weather 1-6-14 1-9-14 Clause in Contracts
    NU14-02 Carlo Martini Stamford Unwarranted Suspension 12-2-13 1-10-14 NU14-02(a) Carlo Martini Stamford Harassment By Supervision 1-10-14
    NU14-03 Meter Service Depts. Blue/Green Bks. Non-Contractual Customer Care 1-24-14 Group in the Mtr. Svc. Dents.
    NU14-04 Local 420 Green Book Mtr. Svc. Supv. Misleading 1-24-14 Labor Union in Mtg. @ Berlin
    NU14-05 Meter Service Dept. Simsbury Rest Time Worked Owed by Co. 12-9-13 2-11-14
    NU14-06 Stockhandler Greenwich Supervisor Doing Union Work 2-11-14 2-12-14
    NU14-07 Stockhandler Norwalk Use of Outside Contractor for 2-11-14 2-12-14 Union Work
    NU14-08 Walter Roszkowski Greenwich Termination of Employment 2-14-14
    NU14-09 William Stolba, II Simsbury Bypass ofO.T. on 1/15/14 1-15-14 2-28-14
    NU14-10 Stephen Hoppi Simsbury Being Pressured by Supervisor 2-12-14 2-28-14
    NU14-11 Vernon Golden Simsbury Hostile Work 2-24-14 2-28-14 Environment/Safety Issue
    NU14-12 Underground Stamford Non-IBEW Contractors Doing 3-3-14 Live-Line Work
    NU14-13 John Santos Waterbury Bypass of O.T. on 11/25/13 11-27-13 3-3-14
    NU14-14 Green Book All Areas Use of Non-IBEW Contractors 3-4-14
    NU14-15 Paul Hanley Field Tech Sexual HarassmentlHarassment 3-6-14 by Supervisor Doug Krall
    NU14-16 Local 420 - IBEW All Areas UnfairlDiscriminatory Practices 3-13-14 Regarding Staffing
    NU14-17 Linemen Greenwich Green Bk. Being Called to Help 2-27-14 3-24-14 in Blue Book Area Instead
    NU14-18 Blue & Green Books All Areas/Joint with Utilization of Contractors To Do 4-21-14 Local 457 Trouble Work
    NU14-19 Blue & Green Books All Areas Not Being Utilized for Storm 5-14-14 Duty on May to" thru May 11 th
    NU14-20 Blue Book All Areas Co. Redistricting Without 5-14-14 Notifying the Union
    NU14-21 Line Departments NewtownlNew Co. Not Backfilling People That 5-9-14 5-15-14 Milford Took Severance Pay
    NU14-22 All Employees NewtownlNew Co. Created Hostile Work 5-9-14 5-15-14 Milford Environment w/ Contractors
    NU14-23 10 Employees Simsbury Unwarranted Suspension 6-6-14 6-11-14
    NU14-24 Jerry Palomo Norwalk Unwarranted Written Warning 5-16-14 6-16-14
    NU14-25 Blue & Green Books Joint w/ 457 Contractors Creating Hostile 6-20-14 Work Environment for CL&P Employees
    NU14-26 Project Test Specialist Western Test Forcing Employees to Take 6-4-14 6-23-14 Supervisor Upgrade
    NU14-27 David Sverni Simsbury Unwarranted Five-Day 6-26-14 Suspension on 6-25-14
    NU14-28 Top Linemen Simsbury Failure to Upgrade 4-29-14 7-2-14
    NU14-29 Michael Bertucio Simsbury Bypassed for Upgrade 5/5/14, 5-6-14 & 7-2-14 5/19/14 and 5120114 5-20-14
    NU14-30 Line Department Simsbury Supv. Doing B.U. Work 5-6-14 7-2-14
    NU14-31 Jeffrey Cleaves Simsbury Hostile Work Environment 5-12-14 7-2-14 NU14-32 Line Department Simsbury Contractor Pulling Poles 5-20-14 7-2-14
    NU14-33 Area Work Center Simsbury Safety of Employees Jeopardized 6-6-14 7-2-14
    NU14-34 Nancy Marcy Clerical Taking Away Rest Time Codes 12-20-13 7-3-14
    NU14-35 Admin. Support Simsbury Supervisor Doing B.D. Work 6-27-14 7-3-14
    NU14-36 Techs Newtown Inadequate Staffing 6-27-14 7-3-14
    NU14-37 New Service Group Simsbury Supervisor Doing B.U. Work 6-27-14 7-3-14
    NU14-38 New Service Group Simsbury "- B.D. Work Assigned to Non- 6-27-14 7-3-14 Union Employee
    NU14-39 Clerical All Bargaining Unit Being Forced to Perform 6-27-14 7-3-14 Locations Supervisory Functions
    NU14-40 Clerical All Represented Adding ESO Operations Support 7-14-14 Admin. Support In All Locations w/o Negotiating
    NU14-41 Technical - New All Area Work Inadequate Staffing & added 7-14-14 Service Support Group Centers stress of ESO Trouble Tickets Without Proper Field Input
    NU14-42 Blue & Green Books All Area Work Company Changing Schedules 7-15-14 Centers For No Reason
    NU14-43 Blue & Green Books All Area Work Co. Introducing ARCOS 7-28-14 Centers Without Negotiating
    NU14-44 Clerical Co. Forcing Admin. Group to 7-28-14 Job Site Report Out of Area for the ESO Group
    NU14-45 Bernhard Hansen Norwalk Termination of Employment 8-1-14
    NU14-46 Christopher Macisco Norwalk Termination of Employment I 8-1-14
    NU14-47 John Vail Torrington Green Unwarranted 5-Day Suspension \6-9-14 8-5-14
    NU14-48 M. Bartkus, B. Petrosky, M. Waterbury Bypass of O.T. on 7/8114 7-14-14 8-14-14 Santamaria, M. Farrow
    NU14-49 N. D' Ambrosi, S. Kelsey, S. Waterbury Bypass of O.T. on 7115114 7-28-14 8-14-14 Dodge, R. Sprouse
    NU14-50 Blue &Green Books All Areas Co. Forcing Union Officials to 8-15-14 Attend Non-Contractual Mtgs.
    NU14-51 Robideau, Golden, Simsbury Bypassed for Upgrade to 7-18-14 8-28-14 Bavier, Daley, Winiarski Top Lineman
    NU14-52 Simsbury District Simsbury Use of White Board for Planned 8-15-14 8-28-14 O.T. Instead of Running List
    NU14-53 Techs All Areas Co. Hiring Contractors To 8-29-14 Perform Bargaining Unit Work
    NU14-54 Techs All Areas Eliminating Shared Lease 8-29-14 Without Bargaining
    NU14-55 Storeroom Newtown Failure to Fill Position After 7-18-14 9-3-14 Death of Employee
    NU14-56 Storeroom Newtown Failure to Backfill When 8-20-14 9-3-14 Employee Out 5 Weeks
    NU14-57 Blue & Green Books All Areas Other Classifications Working in 9-4-14 Meter Service Departments
    NU14-58 Electrical Maintenance Stamford Witnessed T-Shooters Doing 9-4-14 Security Check-Not Line Work
    NU14-59 Electrical Maintenance Stamford Sent to Work With Clearance 9-4-14 From Non-Union Contractor
    NU14-60 Blue & Green Books All Areas Co. Forcing People to Come to 9-8-14 Work On The Weekend
    NU14-61 Stamford A WC Stamford Non-Union (KTI) Setting Poles 9-8-14
    NU14-62 Meter Service Depts. Joint with LU457 AMR Van Drivers Getting Meter 9-17-14 Service Work
    NU14-63 Afentoulides, Socci, Norwalk Unwarranted Suspension 9-18-14 10-14-14 Haddad & Stanislavskyy
    NU14-64 Line Department Norwalk Not Being Called In for Storm 9-18-14 10-14-14 Work on 9/8/14
    NU14-65 Greenwich AWe Greenwich Co. Adding Greenwich to the 10-15-14 Stamford Area Work Center
    NU14-66 Meter Service Dept. Waterbury Working a 40-hour (10 hr. /day) 10-23-14 Schedule During the Summer
      The above list is a snapshot of the grievance list filed in 2014. If you don't see your grievance it may have been settled or filed in a previous year  
      Talking Points   
      After a few lengthy discussions a few people asked for this to be put on line,
    Talking Points.

    In 1975 Connecticut Light and Power had 850,892 Customers.

    There were 770 Lineman across the entire state. There were 430 Lineman in the area that Local 420 represents. Local 420 areas are the Waterbury, Torrington, Newtown, Simsbury, Norwalk and Stamford Work Centers.

    In 2005 the annual report showed CT Light and Power Company serviced 1.2 Million Customers in 149 towns in Connecticut. An Increase of 349,108 customers.

    In 2014 the customer base in CT was reported in the Companies Share holder report to be approximately 1.2 Million customers.

    Throughout the years we have seen a decrease in manpower across the company leading to longer outage times.

    Here are a few examples in local 420’s areas.

    Lineman in 1975 we had 430, in 1995 we had 220 lineman, in 2006 we had 190 today we sit at 134 linemen with the number dropping daily.
    The Electrician classification numbers are 123 in 1975, 85 in 1995, 83 in 2006, 82 in 2014, and 80 today
    The Cable Splicers went from 46 in 1975, 25 in 1995 and 24 is where we stand today.
    Meter Svc went from 73 in 1975, to 60 in 1995, and we sit at 45 today.
    Field Techs were organized with 51 members in 1997 they had 32 in 2006, 28 in 2014 and 26 today.

    The Company Merged with N-Star in April of 2012.

    Along with the Union Personal lost, the new company laid off 200 non-represented I.T. workers. The accounts and billing department personal were also let go. The same fate happened to the Mappers for Yankee Gas. These were all good paying Connecticut resident jobs.

    Once the merger was finalized the new company started to shut down buildings. In 2014 they shut down the Ansonia Yankee Gas Building, along with CL&P buildings in Greenwich, New Milford, Middletown, and Willimantic.

    With these other building closings the company had vowed to PURA to replace anyone that has left due to the building closing. To this date no one has been replaced.

    These next two building closings are key work centers. The Waterbury Area Work Center services the towns of Waterbury, Naugatuck, Prospect, Beacon Falls, Middlebury, Bethany, Oxford, Seymour, Wolcott, Watertown, Woodbury, and Southbury.

    Simsbury Area Work Center services the towns of Simsbury, Avon, Canton, Farmington, Granby, East Granby, Bloomfield, Barkhamsted, Hartland, and West Hartford.

    The Boston executives decided these work centers can close because a Map-quest survey showed it is not far from the Cheshire Area Work Center to get to Waterbury. Simsbury can be serviced from Hartford just as easy.

    Towns such as Woodbury, Watertown, Seymour, Bethany, Middlebury, Southbury, Granby, East Granby, Barkhamsted, Hartland, Canton, Farmington and others have no easy access to Cheshire or Hartford.

    The additional travel times for outages or even non-outages is really going to cripple the state. Your Towns Police and Fire Departments will be stretched thin on down wires and road blockages while the employees are trying to get into the work center on or around Interstate 84.

    250 Freight St, this building houses a unique Substation inside the building, which feeds primary voltages to Waterbury Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital, all of downtown Waterbury including City Hall, the Courthouses, Police Department, and Fire Department on Field St.

    A presentation by the company showed us numbers in 2012. The presentation showed the Waterbury Area Work Center received 6,732 non storm related trouble calls over a three year period between 2009 and 2011. The Cheshire Area Work Center had 7,137 calls over the same time period. Parts of the Simsbury Area are scheduled to go to Cheshire as well as Waterbury’s area. With this train of thought in mind you can have someone actually traveling from the Farmington Valley to the Naugatuck Valley for a trouble call. How happy will your fire chiefs and fire departments be waiting for a response in Naugatuck coming from the U-Conn Health Center? These plans do not make sense to any of the members or the first responders.

      Know your rights   
      The term "Weingarten Rights" refers to a U.S. Supreme Court decision (420 US 251, 1974) which ruled that an employee has the right to a union representative in any interview the employer might hold that is intended to investigate a possible discipline charge against the employee. Often compared to the Miranda rights of criminal suspects charged by the police, there is a crucial difference: unless the union contract requires it, the employer does not have to tell the suspected employee that he or she has this right to union representation. The employee must ask for the representation!

    The Weingarten Rights simply put are:
    1. The right to be informed, in advance, of the subject matter of disciplinary interviews.
    2.The right to union representation at such an interview.

    Still there is the question of what to do when these rights are violated. Normally, the rule is to follow orders and file a grievance, or in this case an unfair labor practice charge, afterward. If you are required to attend such an interview, and your request for union representation is denied, the best advice is to attend the meeting but respond to any and all questions by simply repeating your request for representation.

    Remember, if your request for union representation is denied,
    • Don't refuse or walkout.
    • Attend the meeting but repeat your request for union representation.

    The role of the union representative in a Weingarten meeting:
    • Ask for time to talk in private before the meeting;
    • Take notes & record the names, dates questions;
    • Secure "due process" and fair treatment;
    • Be sure that the grievant is not railroaded;
    • Object to any attempts to anger or frighten the employee;
    • Call a timeout to caucus or recess as needed;
    • Ask for questions to be rephrased or explained as necessary;
    • Make no permanent or undo-able decisions at that interview;
    • Right after the interview, call your union staff.

    Dear Sisters and Brothers:

    As you are aware Local 420 has declared the month of April as “Safety Awareness Month”

    I can never remind all of our members enough on how important it is for us to look out for one another and work safely. We should all have the mindset that we would rather be insubordinate and sent home before we compromise our safety and the safety of our sisters and brothers in the field.

    Our memorial poster with the names of our fallen co-workers is a grim reminder of what can happen if we are careless in our work. I hope I don’t ever live to see a day when another name makes that list.

    April 23rd 2012 will be the 25th anniversary of the L’Ambiance Plaza collapse in Bridgeport. I am asking that all of our members have a moment of silence at 7:30 AM on that day in memory of the 28 victims.

    I would also like to remind all of you that April 28th 2012 is Workers Memorial Day and in Conneticut, the ceremonies will be Saturday, April 28th 2012 at 11 AM at Bushnell Park in Hartford.

    Have a Happy Easter, Blessed Passover, and a safe spring and summer.

    Frank E. Cirillo
    Business Manager / Financial Secretary
    LU 420 - IBEW

      376 and counting   
      Thats the number of NU employees that have lost their jobs since the great job creator Tom May has used his tricle down methods and becoming the CEO of the company. Someone asked me the other day whats my dues geting me?  
      Its been asked of several officers of the union what are we going to do about the layoffs. Do what, what do you want us to do, they are non union.  
      Paul A. Loughran Memorial Award    
      Following a proud tradition started by John K Unikas, our current Business Manager Frank E Cirillo was awarded the Paul A. Loughran Memorial Award for Outstanding Leadership displayed by a Local Business Manager. This is the second time in 3 years a Local 420 Business Manager has won the award. The International recognizes the hard work and commitment these two men have dedicated for all of their members. The constant battles with the leadership of the company do not go unnoticed at least in the eyes of the International. All members represented by the leadership of this local should support them in everything that they do for us.  
      Breaking News   
      Contract Vote today Check with your ABA's on polling locations. The company wants to meet and negotiate all job descriptions 180 days after contract ratification. Meaning: The company after 180 days will have the ability to implement anything they want when it comes to your job duties.

    If you value your jobs, you will vote "no" for this contract.

    This was never discussed by the company or Union during negotiations.

    This is, in the oppinion of the leadership of the local, one of the most dishonorable stunts the company has pulled during contract negotiations.

    Both locals have filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board. Stay Strong Sisters and Brothers and vote this down.

    Update: The Blue Book Membership of 420 rejected the contract by close to 99%.

    You're Up at bat Green Book.
      HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY    
      10/20/2012 6:30 PM  
      Tired of unfair company practices, Francis Scully, in October and November of 1937, went out knocking door to door of other employees hoping to start a union. He spent his personal time on weekends and at night after work to create, what he believed was the best thing for his co-workers and himself. Needless to say this was a huge undertaking. In November of 1937 Local 420 was born, and we all have been better off since.

    This year we are celebrating his efforts, and all the efforts of the past and present officers of the local. The present leadership is putting together a formal celebration of all these efforts to commence on October 20th, 2012. This Dinner / Dance will be held in Waterbury at the COCO Keys Resort. There will be discounted hotel rooms for those that live faraway, or just want to spend some time with their spouses.

    Needless to say this is a huge undertaking and we will be asking for some help and volunteers to help us out in each district. We will be asking you to start forming committees to help with seating, DJ. / entertainment, slideshows, tickets / invitations, and other needed things we have yet to come across. We would love to have pictures of your groups to put on slideshows. With our retirees, political friends and the International wanting to be a part of this event, it should be a great time for all.

    If you take a minute and think about it this may be the only birthday celebration for the local we may be all around for. If you are over 40 this should be a must for you, the next celebration will be 25 years from now. A Posting will be going out this week with the menu. Those that would like to help out or have any ideas please contact me with your availability and any expertise you may have ie. your kid is a DJ etc.....I am not asking you to go door to door just lend a few hours to help kick this off and make it a success.
    Joseph A Malcarne
      Catered by the Ponti Club's Villa Rosa at the CO CO Keys Hotel and Water Resort


    Hot and Cold Hors d' oeuvres
    Coice of:
    Chicken Francaise
    Stuffed Shrimp
    Prime Rib
    Salad, pasta, potato, vegetables, coffe, tea, and Birthday Cake
      Political Side Notes   
      Did you know: The Costs to this country of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan costs $1,415,000,000,000.
    The Bush Tax cuts cost this country $2,800,000,000,000.
    The new policies put in place by the Bush regime costs the country 5.8 Trillion dollars, while the Obama Administration new policies cost 1.3 Trillion dollars.
    Here is another statistic you might not know; The "Blue States" pay more in Federal Taxes and the "Red States" get most of the federal funding. Gee Wake Up! Stop Listening to Fox News, radio talk show hosts and These Republican Politicians.
      Aprils Monthly Newsleter   
      Dear Sisters and Brothers:

    Recently, a report was handed out to the Company that was done through a third party contractor. Although the Local participated in the audit, I never received a copy of it.

    I have been told it specifies that Local 420 files too many grievances. Let me explain why we do this. There is a saying “silence is assent”. In other words, if you are silent on an issue, it must be because you agree with the other party.

    I learned years ago that even the most minute issue can set a dangerous precedent for all classifications and become a practice which can then be part of the contract although not written in the main body. Companies love to see what they can get away with. The only weapon a Union has is the grievance procedure.

    Grievances are nothing more than an investigatory process and they should be fully investigated by the Union as well as the Company. HR professionals once told me that some of our grievances are frivolous. John Unikas asked if they’re so frivolous, why do you settle them “without prejudice or precedent” and a decision cannot be used in any other proceedings?

    We are doing our jobs to the letter of the law and shame on any Union in this country that does not file grievances.

    During many arbitration cases, the Companies’ attorneys have pointed out where our grievance happened elsewhere in the Company asserting that “silence is assent” and the other Unions must agree with the Companies’ position. That’s hogwash!

    The grievance procedure is a timely, lengthy experience but just having a grievance on file is enough to deter union busting tactics from the Companies. The grievance gods look favorably upon Local 420.

    Local 420 and its Business Managers, past and present, have always filed a lot of grievances. It is called protecting our Local from legal ramifications.

    In Solidarity and Grieve On:
    Frank E. Cirillo_______
    Business Manager / Financial Secretary
    LU 420 – I.B.E.W.
      Why Did You Grieve That?   
      Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    In local 420 we are an ever growing diversified union. We are diversified not only in our gender, ethnicity, or race, but more importantly in our job classifications. It is true; at one time we were heavily dominated by the electric line workers, and members said it was a lineman union, but not today. With the company not replacing workers, our numbers our dwindling and the lineman classification is just another group of workers the company violates and abuses.

    Today we have / had grievances supporting the AMR drivers, Stock handlers, Garage Mechanics, Cable Splicers, Field Techs, Electricians, Administrative Support Staff, Building Maintenance, Meter Service, G.O., System Projects, Street Mechanics, Construction Techs, Test men, Streetlight mechanics, Pressure Management, Operators, and the line departments.

    From the outside looking in, some may question why is the local filling so many grievances, or isn’t that a frivolous grievance? You may also question why does that grievance get so more attention than the one for our group or how does that grievance affect me?

    A grievance is defined as a challenge or a complaint. Whenever we let the companies violate the contract or practice without challenging the company we are weakening the union for all of our members- it sends a message that we will not enforce the contract or practices. When we file grievances, we let the company know that we take the contract seriously and we will make them take it seriously, too. Sometimes, just knowing that our members will enforce their rights and stand together will act as a deterrent, and management will think twice before violating the contract. So what you may think is a frivolous grievance may protect you one day.

    It is true that some grievances do take priority; we will hear a termination grievance faster than a bypass in Overtime, as it should be. The terminated member is sitting at home maybe collecting unemployment while the member who was bypassed is still working. It may appear we file more grievances for the line department, but that’s just who the company is violating and abusing at that time. As far as one grievance getting more attention than others I, and every officer and ABA will assure you all grievances are taken very seriously and if you hear about one more than others, the extra talk about it is not coming from the office but more than likely from management.

    To wrap this up, we, the membership, have to start being more involved with what the local leadership is doing, we have to care about what’s happening to our sisters and brothers in the other classifications. Don’t stand on the sidelines and let the company divide and conquer. Know that every grievance is serious. If the company spins the wheel and it lands on another classification it’s only a matter of time before the wheel lands on you and if it wasn’t grieved with them how do you stand a chance at winning?

    Joseph A. Malcarne
      What it takes to run this local   
      The leadership of this local takes care of the everyday issues most of you are familiar with, i.e. terminations, overtime bypasses, meal issues, etc…. But did you know this leadership team has set and gone above the newest standards of leadership.

    In 2010 Assistant Business Manager John Unikas, who at the time was Business Manager, won the Paul A Loughran Memorial Award for Outstanding Leadership of a Business Manager given out by the International. This was followed in 2012 with our current Business Manager, Frank E Cirillo receiving the same award. Thats what you read, two awards for outstanding leadership in a three year period.

    But what makes an outstanding leader? John, with the help of Frank, starting in 2004 came into the office at a very desperate time of this local. We were behind in the per capita by tens of thousands of dollars; in fact if this local missed one more payment to the International it would have been taken over by the International. John endlessly worked on the books and made us even with the International, all the while checking up on members who didn’t pay dues for years due to the previous leadership errors and still continued to manage the everyday member grievances with the companies, negotiating contracts, and with the help of Bobby Lanese Jr. catching a would be thief elected to be our treasurer, before he got away with millions. John and Frank cleaned office when they got in and started surrounding themselves with the local’s loyal members, not yes men, but members that cared for the local more than their own needs.

    Frank, who was always involved with local, from a shop steward in Norwlk Harbor to being President, was never far away from John’s side, learning the business details of the office, and venturing out into the political arena as well. Frank was nominated and still currently sits on the board of directors of the Greater Waterbury United Way. He is also on the executive board of the Connecticut AFL-CIO, he’s on the AFL-CIO health and safety committee and is a delegate for the Western Connecticut Central Labor Council.

    Frank became the chairman of Local 420's COPE fund in 2004, as of Oct 2010, with the help of his brothers and sisters of the local; Local 420 was able to donate $95,100 to International President Ed Hill's Cope Fund. He has also served as Chairman of the New England Utility Council from 2007 to 2010 and was a delegate to the 37th IBEW International Convention. In 2011 Frank was a delegate to the 38th convention and proudly served as a member of the Sgt. of arms committee.

    All those titles and board memberships being impressive enough, Frank didn't stop he continued to work and with the help of our current President Rich Golembiewski, rebuilt the IBEW New England Utility Council. While Frank held the title of Chairman, Rich became the secretary / treasurer. They imposed time limits in the office and rebuilt the funds to keep the council going.

    Rich, continuing in the footsteps of Frank, is still the secretary treasurer on the IBEW New England Utility Council. He is the President of Local 420. He also is now the chairman of the AFL CIO Western Region Labor Council, and a member on the AFL CIO executive board. That’s right we have two members from our local sitting on the AFL CIO executive board that is unheard of.

    On our days off you can catch Frank, John, Rich, Bobby Lanese Jr, Daryl Vailonis, Doug Allen, and Myself at your town hall meetings, talking to the press, performing labor walks, meeting with our elected state and town officials, testifying in front of PURA, being guest speakers for other union’s rallies, or just arguing with the company.

    Now what’s your issue?
    Joe Malcarne
      Grievances and Charges   
      Grievances are our business and unfortunately business is up. With Labor Relations running scared of the new regime, we are pursuing more and more grievances and labor charges with the latest being Labor Board Charges for Supervisors doing Business Unit work for the Admin. Support Groups in Stamford and New Milford, along with a charge against a Line Supervisor in Stamford doing work from the Green Book Contract.

    Charges and Grievances were also filed for the Meter Svc. Dept. and Yankee Gas Construction Groups for the dismissal of the Shared Lease program.
      Facts or Fiction   
      Facts or Fiction



    The Company and Union met in the 1970’s for combining the Blue and Green Books. Then Business Manager, Dick Healey, suggested that everybody should be in the Blue Book. Much to the surprise of the Green Book officers, the Company did not want to entertain this and the Company broke off the talks. In fact, Brother Unikas was on that committee.

    In the year 2000, the Company and the Unions sat down again. After several meetings, the Company broke off discussion stating that the cost outweighed the benefits. It has always been the Union’s intent to get the best for its members.

    In fact, Brother Unikas and myself were on the 2000 committee.

    In the years 2010 and 2013, the Unions proposed putting the Administrative Support Groups, the Service Designers and Test-men under the Blue and Green Book contracts. The Company rejected those proposals.




    During regular working hours, all of our collective bargaining agreements work throughout the State. During “extreme emergencies”, the Blue and the Green Books cross franchise lines as long as everybody is working. The Unions have never stood in the way of mutual assistance to better serve our customers. We also encourage our members to volunteer for out-of-state assignments. Our members have worked in Ohio, Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont etc., etc. including Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Canada.




    Over the years, the Company has maintained 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Troubleshooters in most of the area work centers. In fact, one area work center has 24-hour coverage. In 2012, the Company eliminated Troubleshooters in some of the area work centers.




    We have a real shortage of Lineworkers, Cable Splicers, Electricians, Technicians, Testmen, etc., etc., etc. Even our gas operations is short-handed.




    Regular Northeast Utilities employees at double time are cheaper in all classifications, including loaded costs, than contractors. At time and one-half with loaded costs, we are definitely cheaper than contractors. Who’s fooling who?

    In closing, we never had the problems that we have today because once we were properly staffed in all electric and gas operations and having supervisors and managers that knew the work helped add to our success. With proper staffing, we would have the ability to service our customers the way we used to. Don’t be fooled by the double talk!


    Frank E. Cirillo_
    Business Manager / Financial Secretary
    LU 420 – I.B.E.W.
      Dear Sisters and Brothers

    The other morning while channel surfing, I landed on Fox News, The Huckabee Show. The topic of discussion was fast food workers organizing. The special guest was Mike Rowe from the Discovery Channel show, Dirty Jobs.

    During the discussion, healthcare benefits were discussed. The Dirty Jobs guy said that it is not up to the employers to take care of us. At that moment, I realized I was listening to a moron. Years ago, labor unions started healthcare benefits as a trend. The American worker would forego large percentage raises for pension and healthcare.

    Healthcare benefits are part of our loaded costs. For example: we in the utility industry pass that cost onto the consumer. The price of everything that we buy has loaded costs attached to it. For example: a new automobile has a loaded cost of the auto workers imbedded into the price of the cars. Even a pizza maker adds his loaded costs for his benefits as well. In an around about way, when we purchase something or use a service, we are contributing to someone’s benefits. How would we get healthcare if this system broke down? Your taxes would go through the roof!

    All companies nationwide, not only do their workers receive benefits, but so do their Supervisors, Managers, Presidents and CEO’s.

    The Dirty Jobs guy makes us look like beggars and leaves out senior officers and CEO’s who receive the same as we do, sometimes better.

    If you are a student or graduate of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies, you must hate union contracts. Just read our shareholders book and see the contracts that the senior officers of Northeast Utilities have. I wonder what Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly and Huckabee have in their contracts. I am sure Fox News compensates them well. Huckabee may even still be receiving free benefits from his tenure as Governor.

    The next time Mike Rowe is shoveling pig shit on TV, I hope he falls face first into it; and if he gets a virus, I wonder who is paying his medical bills. What a hypocrite! He is compensated well for advertising Ford vehicles made by the United Auto Workers. I can’t believe people buy into this crap. When these people knock healthcare, pensions and enhanced 401K’s, they’re talking about you!

    Job creators, my ass. The real job creators are consumers. If we don’t buy, nobody eats!

    In Solidarity,

    Frank E. Cirillo
    Business Manager / Financial Secretary
    LU 420 – I.B.E.W.
      A Membership   
      Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    If you are young enough now is the time to become an A member of the IBEW. Not only will you receive a pension with 20 years and age 62, you will also be eligible for life insurance, any questions please talk to your ABA or ask questions at any union meeting. For members that are already A members when your eligible for retirement you must make out an application for your pension when you retire if you are not 62 years and you retire from the company old it is important that you continue paying your participating withdraw any questions please contact Business Manager Cirillo. This is in pursuant to article XI of the IBEW constitution.

    Business Manager Cirillo is a notary republic for the local if you need anything notarized please contact Frank Cirillo at the Union hall.

    Frank E Cirillo
    Business Manager / Financial Secretary
    L.U. 420 - IBEW
      Organizing is everyones function   
      Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    With all the changes in the company, its pressing the leadership of the locals to hold a lot of organizing meetings. We have group after group calling and asking to set up meetings with the leadership to organize. It would be nice to hold one or two larger meetings but we do what we have to.

    We have two Yankee Gas elections in the next month, we just finished National Labor Relations Board hearing for a group in CL&P and more groups still contacting us. Everyone seems to have had enough from the companies new policies. If there is a group in your area that is not organizied yet, take a minute out of your day, preferably on a break, and find out the interest. If there is interest, contact your local ABA or an officer from the local and we will help with the next steps.

    Joe Malcarne
      letter to Bill   
      October 11th, 2013

    Mr. William Herdegen, President
    Connecticut Light & Power Company
    P.O. Box 270
    Hartford, CT 06141-0270

    I am dazed and confused with the series of rumors I am being inundated with. I understand that you and Mr. Gilkey want to move forward and not dwell on the past, but you must know the history in order to move forward.

    Most of the Work Centers in my franchise have always had and utilized Troubleshooters. In 2003, the Company presented a business case and insisted that New Milford and Torrington Green Book needed a night trick or Troubleshooters. We were told that the Company received money from the State of Connecticut to administer these Trouble- shooters and it was something the Company needed and back-filling was non-negotiable.

    In 2005, the Company made similar claims and wanted the Blue Book in Torrington to have Troubleshooters and Waterbury, Norwalk and Newtown were to go to a 24/7 operation. In approximately 2008, the Company no longer wanted 24-hour coverage in the Waterbury and Newtown districts. They claimed that their regular work was not being completed during the day and there was no need, due to the fact there was low volume of trouble calls. Soon after that the Company, not the Union, began to not backfill Trouble-shooters when they were absent from work. They simply utilized call men claiming there was no need to backfill because the volume of work was low. So much for non-negotiable. Question from my members, “were they lying to the State or to us?”

    In 2009, the Company announced they would not adhere to any backfilling agreements that were made. In 2010, the Company, not the Union, decided to play games with the limited working hours of their employees during storm restoration. In fact, the Company was quoted in area newspapers stating that the work slow down was due to the collective bargaining agreements. As you are aware, that was a LIE! In 2011, the State was hit with various thunderstorms in the month of June, Tropical Storm Irene in late August and the infamous October snowstorm. The Company still continued to play games with the working hours of the personnel in the field and in some sections of the State, it was reported again that it was the fault of collective bargaining agreements. Another LIE! The Governor appointed a two storm panel and the way I was to understand it, the Company was to work with the Local Unions for better restoration efforts during major outages. To date, the Company has never sat down with the Local Unions. The Local Unions were never part of any mock drills or any efforts regarding storm-related work. This sure doesn’t sound like a partnership to me.

    During 2012 negotiations, the Company and the Union had, in my opinion, hostile negotiations. After 10 months of bargaining, the parties agreed to on call schedules negotiated area by area along with the ABA’s of each area, their Directors and/or Operations Managers. We recommended those collective bargaining agreements and they were voted on and accepted in early 2013. A deal is a deal. It was the Company that never discussed anything with the Local Unions on storm restoration. The Company had ample opportunities during the 2012 negotiations. It is the Company, not the Union, that acted arrogant and only wanted to talk about their issues that don’t address the needs of the employees or the customers.

    We still have several grievances that are unheard and now we are confronted with building closures. What was inappropriate was the Company notifying the Local Unions of closures at the same time they notified the employees. These issues must be addressed with the exclusive bargaining agents; that is us!

    Contractual or not, the Local Unions have worked with the Company tirelessly to meet their needs in the past only to be made to look like fools. Everything the Company claimed they needed, they let it wither on the vine.

    It is our opinion we have been lied to once too often. Your employees, some of whom are our members, are not stupid. I am not opposed to discuss anything with the Company that I legally have to, but as far as the Officers of Local 420 are concerned, we have agreements until 2016.

    Please inform your Supervisors and Managers to stop telling people that we are refusing to work with the Company. It has been the Company that has refused to work with us.

    Feel free to contact me anytime.

    Frank E. Cirillo
    Business Manager / Financial Secretary
    LU 420 – I.B.E.W.
    opeiu 376 afl-cio
    cc: E. Hammett
    F. Carroll
    E. Collins
    J. Fernandes
    Members of IBEW-Local 420
      Letter from the Business Manager   
      Dear Sisters and Brothers:

    On Friday, January 3rd, 2014, we experienced extreme cold weather along with snow and ice. Some of the Meter Service Departments were sent out to do non- emergent work.

    I called the President of Connecticut Light and Power Company, Bill Herdegen, who was supposed to inquire why this was taking place, but he never got back to me. I called the head of safety, Bruce Bolger. Mr. Bolger, the way I understood him, told me, and I quote, “this is a contractual issue.” I was shocked!

    The first thing we must do is read and understand the inclement weather clause in all of our agreements and the second thing we must do is be selfish with our own safety and the safety of the public. If someone was to get in a major motor vehicle accident and got hurt, or worse, hurt a civilian or killed someone just to read a meter, how do you think people would feel?

    Sometimes we must determine what a reasonable assignment is and if, in fact, we can carry it out. I myself was seriously injured on the job in 1989 and still see a doctor and feel pain 25 years later. No one should have to go through this.

    All classifications, now more than ever, have to look out for one another. It is my opinion and the opinion of the officers of Local 420, that the Companies do not have a safety culture and don’t really care.

    The issue involving the Meter Service Mechanics will be going through the grievance procedure.

    Happy New Year!

    United we stand, divided we beg. Safety first!

    In Solidarity,

    Frank E Cirillo
    Business Manager / Financial Secretary
    L.U. 420 - IBEW
      MUST READ   
      Dear Sisters and Brothers:

    Lately, there has been much concern from the leadership of Locals 420 and 457 concerning Emergency Response Specialist, a classification that does not exist in any of our agreements. The membership is also concerned about this topic.

    On April 10th, 2012, the Local Unions began contract negotiations with the Company. One of the topics of discussion was a Troubleshooter organization that would be crossing all district lines (Green to Green, Blue to Blue, Blue to Green and Green to Blue). The feedback from the membership to the negotiating committee was this was something that nobody was interested in .

    On October 4th, 2012, the Blue Book voted and on October 5th, 2012, the Green Book voted on the Company’s final offer. 98% of the membership voted “no.” The two outstanding reasons were the Company’s intent to implement their new Troubleshooter plan and have total discretion on all of our job descriptions. Every member knew that a “no” vote meant a potential strike on the properties. The Company chose to come back to the bargaining table with the Union. The Company withdrew their proposal on job descriptions and also withdrew their Troubleshooter plan.

    The Company agreed, on October 26th, 2012, to meet with the Union after the contract was ratified to discuss our customer business and operational needs. Hurricane Sandy affected Connecticut Light and Power Company, which put a halt to negotiations while our members did the honorable thing and did not strike but worked for the good of our communities; including assisting in New York and New Jersey.

    Once we got back to the bargaining table, every district met separately with the Director and/or Operations Manager of each one of these districts to come to an agreement for on call schedules / Troubleshooters. Each district was successful with an agreement in their work center. Some areas eliminated Troubleshooters and some areas went with night tricks. Any changes to these locally agreed upon rotations would be brought back to the greater negotiating committee for review.

    On January 17th, 2013, the Blue and Green Books narrowly accepted an agreement with the Company until June 1st, 2016. On May 17th, 2013, Director of Labor Relations, Edward Hammett, Local 420 Business Manager, Frank Cirillo, and Local 457 Business Manager, John Fernandes, signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the scheduled on call rotation. Approximately July of 2013, about one month and a half after the agreement was signed, the Company was back to try to discuss Emergency Response Specialists. They were unwilling to discuss our customer, business and operational needs other than Emergency Response Specialist.

    The Company then began threatening the Union and its employees that if they did not get their way, they were going to contract out our trouble work. In other words, the Company is refusing to honor a collective bargaining agreement with IBEW Locals 420 and 457. If the Locals decided to bargain with the Company on a new classification with a new seniority area, a new rate of pay and erasing district lines, you, the members of both the Blue and Green Books would have to vote on it. Here’s what hurts. You already did vote on this in October of 2012 and 98% of you rejected it. The sad thing about this whole situation is the Company would get approximately 95% of what they claim they need with the existing contract language.

    On November 5th, 2013, NU Today reported, “Our reliability and customer service levels continue to be strong this year and our cost control efforts remain on target.”

    On Wednesday, January 29th, 2014, NU today reported better than average customer service and restoration. Despite the fact that we are understaffed, we still continue to perform outstandingly, yet the threats continue.

    The members of these two Locals have sacrificed so much of their lives for the Company over the years with injuries and taking quality time away from their families on holidays, birthdays and special events, thus putting the Company first.

    This treatment is immoral! The worst part of the whole thing is that if the Company does hire contractors, they intend to honor every word that is in the contractor’s collective bargaining agreement. I can assure you if the Company takes this step, Local 420 is prepared to fight this with all legal means available.

    In 2012, one of the two-storm panel recommendations to the Company was for them to patch up relationships between the Company and their employees. The new regime has made relations worse.

    In 2012, the two-storm panel also recommended that the Company work with the Local Unions for major storm preparations. That never happened either!

    Both Locals are committed to meet with the Company at anytime, anyplace to discuss their Troubleshooter needs under the current contract language you voted for on January 17th, 2013.

    United we stand! Divided we beg! That saying means more now than ever.


    Frank E. Cirillo
    Business Manager / Financial Secretary
    LU 420 – I.B.E.W.

    John K. Unikas
    Assistant Business Manager
    LU 420 – I.B.E.W.
      Please Post   
      Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    On Thursday, March 20th 2014 in the late afternoon, I received a call from Labor Relations.

    I was told the Company has a two year contract with Asplundh for trouble work. I was told that the call schedules will continue until July 13th, 2014 but that they could be extended longer than that; they do not know.

    I was further informed that the Company does not know what it is going to do with the present Troubleshooters. No other questions that I asked could be answered.

    I will continue to give you information as I receive it. I can assure you both Locals are in contact with our attorneys and we intend to fight this with all legal means available.

    In Solidarity
    Frank Cirillo
    Business Manager / Financial Secretary
    Local 420 - IBEW
      Update on Contractors doing Troublework   
      The leaderships of both utility locals (420 and 457) were told yesterday that contractors will start doing our troubleshooter work on or by May 1st. They don’t know where they would be working out of but there would be 6 two-man crews on days doing “I don’t know work” and trouble work, 2 or 3 two-man crews on 2nd shift, and 1 two- man crew on 3rd shift. They will be in CL&P trucks with contractor label / sticker. Tooled with CL&P tools and using our equipment and rubber goods. They expect our test men to still fault locate for them. We’ll provide more info as we get it.

    Joseph A Malcarne
      Workers Memorial Day   
      4/28/2014 9AM  
      Dear Sisters and Brothers,
    Workers Memorial Day this year is Monday, April 28th. As always local 420 will be attending the ceremonies in Hartford CT. Those that members that would like to attend and drive up with the local are to meet at the Union Office in Waterbury at 9am. We would like to see a good showing of members if possible. You have to use a vacation day.

    Joe Malcarne
      About a year ago I wrote a piece called “What it takes to run this local”. I think it made some members mad, but it was the truth. Yesterday, on a vacation day, I got a text asking me to update the webpage with more current letters and info. So I thought why not a follow up from last year’s letter with a piece of what the leadership is going through today. Forgive me if you heard some of this already but I have to be as accurate with the info which means going through the history.

    ”Turmoil, What we are going through today”

    In Oct 2012 both green and the blue book members shot down the contracts with a 98% “reject” vote. The exit polls all said the members rejected it mostly because of the “trouble shooter plan” put forward by the company and then second because of the “meet and negotiate” job duties. Hurricane Sandy hit and the membership took the high road and instead of going out on strike worked to get the power restored. In early 2013 the contracts were then accepted when the company negotiated trouble shooters and trouble work with each Area Work Center ABA's and did away with their “trouble shooter plan”. The test/techs and clerical were just starting the Negotiations process in early May 2013 when the companies new officers started to demand meetings about the “trouble shooter plan”. Along with the current negotiations, helping other groups wanting to organize because of other company poor decisions, grievances, arbitrations, International commitments, and the other commitments to other members in other companies and the communities we serve, now the new bosses wanted to meet on something that you turned down.

    Reluctantly, the leadership met with these people. We never want to not meet if there may be something in it good for the members. There was no demand for mid-term bargaining just demands to meet. The meetings turned to threats of breaking the contracts and using local 42 to willfully violate them. We had a two week period when almost every ABA and some chosen stewards went to convex to discuss combining the contracts. These discussions all turned back to their “troubleshooter plan”, the plan the membership rejected. We gave proposals to the company and they didn’t want to talk about them, it was “do it our way or we’ll use Local 42”. What’s next, meal time, rest time, time and half, double time, or the sick policy, if we fight to keep those is will it more threats of bringing in more local 42. How long until they start attacking local 42.

    Now, why am I writing the history for all of us that lived this. Several reasons, not all members keep themselves informed and some actually believe some of the propaganda that comes from the company. I am writing this mostly because of the burdens this puts on the leadership in both locals. In the 10 plus years John Unikas and Frank Cirillo have been office they have never had to deal with such an open attack on the IBEW, these locals, and its members. In fact, no Business Manager in the history of420 has had to deal with the likes of people we are dealing with today. John said to me yesterday he doesn’t know how Frank is doing it, the job is stressful enough but adding on this extra turmoil may have done in a lesser man. We have had 3 known deserters in local 420 that couldn’t handle it for 1 week and ran away only to talk garbage about Frank, garbage which we all know were lies. These guys never had a paycheck without overtime. Deserters were court martialed when I was in the ARMY. Company supervisors and ex-employees are making personal attacks on Frank not knowing the truth themselves and that real soon the locals will have their day in court. Members are asking for rules, rules that don’t exist. They’re asking what to do, again, things that we legally can’t answer. Any direction the local leadership gives can be considered a job action by the company. I will tell you to do the right thing, no one has to give me man lessons. I know what’s right and I know what to do. We have had members asking Frank to put something in the papers, when he does the company turns around and says he is misleading the public and distorting the truth. How many of us have called the newspapers or wrote them to say it isn’t him distorting the truth and the only misleading was done by the company, to its employees, the politicians, and the public. We have had members just not sticking together and others that are fighting with each other right in front of the company. Turmoil, in my opinion, which was all created by the company and its officers. Turmoil, in my opinion, created to turn us against each other and eventually blame the IBEW instead of those that created it. Frank has had the bravery and the intestinal fortitude to stand up and continue the fight, filing the charges, grievances, and calling the newspapers. Making the meetings in Norwalk, Simsbury, Bridgewater, Torrington, and Waterbury is the easy part when comparing it with completing and signing sworn statements or talking with the press. All while still doing what it takes to run this local. The company watches and monitors everything that he does and he still does it standing right up against these millionaires and their lawyers. Does he want our gratitude, probably not, but would it hurt to give it to him. Why is he doing it? He’s doing it all for something he cares dearly about, the IBEW, this local and its members.

    Now,on the anniversary of what was one of the bloodiest battles in American History, can we please get behind and back Frank and get into the fight, or if not, at the minimum don’t side with the company or against the locals.

    Joseph A Malcarne ABA
    Recording Secretary
    IBEW 420 Veterans Committee Chairman
      Sample letter to State Reps / Mayors   
      Dear Representative ……….

    I am sure you are aware that CT Light and Power, now Eversource Energy, is planning on closing down more work centers. I am writing this to discuss at least three negative impacts I can foresee. Closing these work centers is going to have a very negative impact on small businesses around the state. The surrounding businesses in the towns the work centers are in now have the daily business of the workers in these centers. Local delis, gas stations, and convenient stores will lose the volume once the centers are closed. This will create a negative impact on the surrounding economy. The employees in the work centers will be scattered around the state.

    It is my opinion and the opinion of my colleagues that once these work centers are closed down the restoration efforts will also be dramatically slowed down. During major storm events or 9-11 incidents the first responders (police and fire) will have to be utilized more while waiting for us to come from farther distances. Extended outages will start to be the norm rather than the exception.

    The third negative impact, which may not be thought of as a great issue, is the impact on the employees. Some of my colleagues may choose to retire than move on to another city. The utility company is not replacing them if they do leave. The customer base or miles traveled will not be decreasing but the number of workers serving the customers has been. During the PURA hearings last year the company official “under oath” stated they will replace anyone that retires due to the buildings closing. As of today they have yet to hire for anyone that left. Fewer employees to restore the power will also lead to extended outages.

    I ask you as my representative to contact PURA and the Attorney General and demand that they stop this utility from damaging this state and putting the public at risk anymore.

    Thank You.
      Update on Arbitration   
      After having several requests to update the webpage with info from the eso arbitration case here you go. There is new date of October 15th, 2015 and there are two dates scheduled for December. The rest of the arbitration details can be asked about at meetings. Being in litigation it would not be appropriate to discuss on a public website.


    Joe Malcarne
    November 13th, 2015
    Dear Sisters and Brothers:

    Members in the blue and green contracts. Negotiations will be starting in December. Please get any and all proposals to your ABA's. Your ABA's will be your main point of contact for negotiations. There may be small committees set up to discuss each of your classification issues. .

    In Solidarity,
    Joseph A Malcarne LU 420 – I.B.E.W.
      Attend the PURA Hearings   
      To All members, yes all members, if you have time off and can attend please attend the PURA hearings on the building closings and tell them your displeasure's with the company and closing down the work centers. The hearings start at 10:30AM on February 24th and the address is:
    10 Franklin Square, New Britain, CT 06051
    Phone: 860-827-1553.
    Joe Malcarne
      Frank Cirillo   
      Words cannot express the feelings that have affected me these last few days. I woke up Saturday morning and received a call I did not want or expect to get. Over the last few days I am sure we have all had a race of emotions. The grief that struck my heart was one of the hardest hits I have ever taken, and I have taken some hits. Five memories are scarred in my mind and Saturday is one of the worst ones. No one was a better friend to me than Frank Cirillo. We were more than friends, we were family. We cried and laughed together, we went on trips together, we went to each other’s family events, Halloween parties, Memorial day at his house, Fourth of July at the club. He was truly, to quote him “my brother from another mother”.

    All of us knew Frank the fighter, but he was more than just that. If you want to talk about Frank, then talk about the good qualities of him that everyone doesn’t know about. There was Frank the Husband. He loved Milena more than anyone would ever know. Frank the Father. The countless times he told me he was so proud of Sylvia and Juliana. Sylvia graduated college and became a teacher and is getting married in a year. Even though his “swimming pool partner” Juliana, moved to Queens and he was sad to see her leave home, it gave him the opportunity to go out to New York and visit her and stay in Manhattan, going to places like Sparks steakhouse, 911 memorial and other places in the city. Juliana graduated from college and she is a designer for Joseph Abboud. There was Frank the brother to Cris who could tell us stories when he was a little terror in the neighborhood, streaking etc....and she always got blamed. There was Frank the son, who was always there for his mother, Michelena, and dropped everything if she needed anything.

    Let’s talk about his Navy times some of the proudest times in his life. He spent those days with his lifelong friend and our Union brother, Hiram “Chico” Diaz. Let’s talk about the passion that Frank had in everything he ever did, from running every morning around 3:00 am., the Alderman meetings, negotiations, and him going to Norwalk every month for a Union meeting, sometimes with only ten people in attendance. We all should remember, cherish, and memorialize this one of a kind man. He was our strength when we were defeated, our reasoning when everything was questioned, our voice when others couldn’t speak, our laughter when we wanted to cry and our passion when everything seemed doomed.

    We are all better today having known him. He pushed each one of us to be the best we could be. He would critique me every day and I knew he was just trying to make me better. He was organized like no one else and challenged all of us to stick together and be a union. He was truly a leader of men. As long as there is blood in my veins, I will not allow my friend, Frank to die. His name will never be forgotten and I believe you’re only truly dead when you are forgotten. This will not happen. He is in me forever, and he is in all of my sisters and brothers in local 420 and other unions he has helped.

    Yes we have been hit and hit hard, but I hear Frank yelling “don't stay down get back up and fight harder.” One day we all will be dead but I have a feeling someone is already up there bargaining for an easy journey for us and waiting for us to join him at the bar. I Love You Frank. Rest in Peace “My Brother from another Mother”

    Joe Malcarne
      Zeroing Overtime   
      To all sisters and brothers,

    Every new year there seems to be confusion when the overtime lists go back to "zero" hours.

    For some unknown reason, all departments in all Work Centers seem to be doing it differently. We are not aware of it until someone makes a complaint. Let me explain the correct way of "zeroing out" the overtime list.

    To maintain equitable distribution of overtime, the last pay period of the year should not make a difference on the order in which the overtime list is run.

    For example: If you are low on the overtime list at the end of the year, you will be placed at the top of the overtime list for the new year with "zero" hours.

    If you are high on the overtime list, you would remain at the bottom of the list with a "zero" next to your name.

    Seniority has nothing to do with it.

    If you have any questions or confusion, please feel free to call the Union hall with any questions.

    Joseph Malcarne
    Business Manager / Financial Secretary
    L.U. 420 - IBEW
      1st Annual Frank E Cirillo Veterans Clean Up   
      5/20/2017 9AM  
      Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    Its the time of year again when local 420 help out the Waterbury Veterans Committee cleaning up the Veterans park and Forthill Cemetery. We are looking for volunteers to bring rakes, blowers and any useful power equipment. Everyone claims to love the vets and want to help out but for the last 10 years its been the same members doing the work. The 420 Veterans committee will bring refreshments. Hopefully we'll see more members helping this year. Talked to the Waterbury Veterans Committee on May 1st and they are also assking us to help with the park across the street where the helicopter and Duece and 1/2 are located.


    Joe Malcarne

    Chairman IBEW LU420 Veterans Committee
      Meeting at Fort Hill Cemetery Waterbury CT 9am

      Jimmy Thompson   
      Sisters and Brothers,

    With a heavy heart I must inform you that last night Jimmy Thompson, cable splicer in Norwalk, passed away. For those that didn’t know him Jimmy, he was a brother that would give the shirt off his back for you and was always there for any and all causes. We will miss Jimmy cooking at the Gold Coast Picnic, his sense of humor, that incredible laugh and voice. He was always a pleasure to be around. A huge loss to Local 420 and his closest sisters and brothers in the Norwalk Area work center. I ask you to keep please Jimmy, his family, and his sisters and brothers in Norwalk in your hearts and prayers.

    Joe Malcarne
      2nd Annual Frank E. Cirillo Golf Tournament    
      7/13/2018 8:00am registration  
      July 13th 2018
    Pequabuck Golf Club, 56 School St., Terryville, CT 06786
      Get your 4 somes in to Brother Al McConnell or Brother Mario Bacchiocchi ASAP. This is a very important tournament. This will put donations to the Childrens Hospital over $200,000