Richard Golembiewski - President go back 
Assistant Business Agent
Mr. Golembiewski was hired into the Torrington line department in 1985 and has been Chairman of the Torington District Unit for 21 years. He is a prior Executive Board Member of the Western Region Labor Council and currently serves on the Transportation Advisory Group Committee. Richard is also a Sergeant of Arms of the Western Region Labor Council, and Secretary Treasurer of the New England Utility Council since 2006.

  • ABA for 7 years
  • One Term as executive board member
  • Elected President in 2004
  • Elected recording secretary in 2002
  • Chief Steward for 2 years
  • Steward for 10 years
  • In 2011 Rich was a delegate for the 38th International Convention. Rich was recently elected President of the Western Conneticut Central Labor Council. Rich is elected to the AFL-CIO executive board. Rich is also elected to the Torrington Democratic Town Committee.
Contract: Green Book
Area: Torrington